Jun 26, 2012

Midsummer in archipelago

Tiny brake in an archipelago. We have been fishing, made midsummers magics, ate well, and been in a sauna. Excellent brake and now back home.


Juhannus saaristossa oli kaunis. Nyt on kalastettu, tehty juhannustaikoja, heitetty voltti trampoliinissa, käyty meressä ja saunottu (en vielä sanoisi uitu...) ja syöty hyvin. Lomailtu. Nyt on kiva olla taas kotona.


  1. really nice impressions of your midsummer days!
    p.s. i do not want to correct you, but you are always writing bean, (which is a vegetable) when you mean been - so beans in a sauna are quite funny ;)

  2. Great photos, look like you had a wonderful time!, have a lovely day! x

  3. planktonfisher: My English is lousy, I know... So thank´s for correcting me. I writing because this way I learn ; ) Of I hope I can learn ; )

    Mariela: we had fun, thank you : )


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